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Concierge & Logistics

Florida Boat keeps your boat stocked and ready for your next visit. We ensure that the yacht is prepared and ready to go - when you are ready to go. With the right program in place, we offer our guarantee that your boat will be SPLASH READY. We will prep the yacht for your visit and include every detail like provisions, supplies, fueling, and personal concierge services that you or one of your guests may require.

Our yacht concierge services are available at any time, and are suitable for seasonal visitors or owners at any of our destination areas. Whether you want to travel immediately or organize a trip in advance, our yacht concierge will accommodate.


Yacht concierge services from Florida Boat are not limited to the planning and staffing of your vessel; our concierges will manage your entire yachting experience from start to finish.  We will organize your entire trip and itinerary.

Much like a 5-star hotel concierge, our yacht concierges are full-service providers. Florida Boat will staff your yacht and ensure that the staff abide by strict rules and management that allows for a hassle-free travel experience.

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