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Complete Yacht Management

The logistics of owning a yacht can be an overwhelming; that's where Florida Boat comes in. We will streamline the maintenance, supply, and delivery of all the resources needed to make your experience more enjoyable and stress free.

We will take care of every aspect of owning and operating your yacht. Some of our services include mechanical and electrical maintenance, yacht concierge staffing, complete travel planning, and yacht financial management services.

We work hard behind the scene, so that you spend more time on the water. From weekly wash downs at your "home dock" to supervising yard time, and even planning your trip itinerary, Florida Boat has your yacht and cruising experience covered 100%.

We provide owners with more security, enjoyment on the water, and ultimately - peace of mind.

Services 6-6 (Complete Yacht Management)
Services 7-6 (Complete Yacht Management)
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